Coalition Releases Summary of Shutdown Impact Survey

  Park Impact Survey Summary of Results The Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks (Coalition) represents over 1,600 current, former, and retired employees and volunteers of the National Park Service. The Coalition counts among its members former National Park Service directors, deputy directors, regional directors, superintendents, park rangers (law enforcement and interpretive), maintenance professionals, administrative

Coalition Testifies on Use of Fee Money During Shutdown

  Statement of Philip A. Francis, Jr. Chair of the Executive Council, Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks The Power of the Purse: A Review of Agency Spending Restrictions During a Shutdown Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Committee on Appropriations House of Representatives February 6, 2019 Rep. McCollum, Rep. Joyce, and members of

 Shutdown Damage Assessment Is Only Just Beginning

For Immediate Release: 31 January 2019  Shutdown Damage Assessment Is Only Just Beginning Though the federal government is now open under a continuing resolution, Phil Francis, Chair of the Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks, urges continued government expediency and offers a note of caution. “We are happy to have National Park Service employees back

Coalition Joins Call for DOI to Postpone Lease Sales During Shutdown

VIA E-MAIL January 17, 2019 Mr. David Bernhardt Secretary of the Interior, Acting 1849 C Street, NW Washington, D.C. Re: Postponing BLM Oil & Gas Lease Sales Due to the Partial Government Shutdown Dear Acting Secretary Bernhardt: The undersigned organizations represent millions of members and supporters across the West and the nation who are concerned