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The Coalition hosts the “Take Action” series, where we explore timely topics related to the preservation and protection of the parks, places, and programs of the NPS.

Polluted Parks

March 12, 2024 – Join Chair Phil Francis as he welcomes our National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) friends to discuss their 2024 Polluted Parks interactive website and report, How Air Pollution and Climate Change Continue to Harm America’s National Parks. The report features new air quality and climate data for nearly all parks in the National Park System. Panelists include the following:

Ulla Reeves, Interim Director, Clean Air Program
Daniel Orozco, Senior Clean Air and Climate Manager
Natalie Levine, Interim Campaigns Director, Clean Air Program

The 2024 report reveals ongoing challenges in air quality in national parks. NPCA found that 97 percent are experiencing significant or unsatisfactory levels in three categories of air quality: hazy skies, unhealthy air, and harm to nature. Moreover, the report underscores several climate change threats faced by national parks, including drought, sea level rise, wildfires, and invasive species.

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Government Shutdowns and the Impacts for Our Parks and Public Lands

The Coalition is pleased to welcome members and former NPS superintendents Phil Francis, Cheryl Schreier, and Sheridan Steele for a discussion about the impacts of a government shutdown on our national parks and public lands. The panel also will discuss the outlook for Fiscal Year 2024 appropriations and the need for adequate funding to operate and protect our national parks.

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Conversation on Public Lands with Walt Dabney
May 10, 2023

Mr. Dabney is a passionate supporter of our parks and public lands. His NPS career spanned more than 30 years and included positions in national parks such as Mount Rainier, Grand Teton, and the Everglades. Mr. Dabney concluded his NPS career as the general superintendent of the Southeast Utah group of parks. Upon retiring from the NPS, Mr. Dabney served as the director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. He remains active in issues related to national parks and public lands.

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Advocacy and the Antiquities Act:
Protecting Land Through National Monument Designations

The Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks has focused recent advocacy efforts on protecting lands at risk – and helping the country meet its conservation goals – through use of the Antiquities Act. This webinar provides an opportunity for Coalition members, partners, and supporters to hear from local voices on several campaigns working to designate culturally and naturally significant spaces as national monuments. Learn more about the history of these treasured places and why your advocacy matters.

Panelists include:

Craig Bakerjian, Nevada Conservation League Avi Kwa Ame Campaign Manager
Janae Field, Executive Director of the Frontera Land Alliance
Jim Ramey, Colorado state director for The Wilderness Society
Emily Thompson, Coalition to Protect America’s National Park

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Conserving Our Lands

The Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks hosted a virtual discussion on the importance of the conservation of our national parks and public lands. While conservation means protecting lands at risk, it also means ensuring that our parks and public lands are funded and staffed so that agencies can effectively protect resources. During the session, panelists reflected on the paths that can lead to additional protections for public lands, both administratively and legislatively; discussed collaborative efforts that are underway to protect more public lands across the United States, and spoke to the need for additional operational capacity to help manage and maintain our national parks.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Oil and Gas Leasing Webinar

The webinar was hosted by Amy Fehir and featured Matt Kirby, the Director of Energy and Landscape Conservation in the Southwest for the National Parks Conservation Association, Mike Murray, and Emily Thompson.

Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks
Oil and Gas Lease Sales Toolkit

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is moving forward with public lands lease sales for oil and gas extraction, often on the doorstep of our national parks.

Sample Statement
Oil and gas companies are getting cut-rate deals to drill America’s public lands while national parks and local communities suffer the consequences. And with public land lease sales continuing through the COVID-19 pandemic, the suggestion that groups and individual members of the public will still be able to participate in this public process is absurd – the focus of Americans is understandably on the health and safety of our families and friends. The Interior Department must immediately suspend all open public comment periods, halt oil and gas lease sales, and delay any rule and policy decisions until this public health crisis is past, said.

Talking Points

  1. Leasing public land for oil and gas drilling near our national parks is never an acceptable option
  2. These oil and gas lease sales place public health and wildlife at risk, ruin scenic views and night skies, compromise air and water quality, and generally threaten the outdoor recreation experience
  3. Lease sales involve public comment periods which have been valuable in drawing attention to the potential risks to local communities and national parks
  4. The idea that groups and individual members of the public will still be able to participate in this public process is absurd – the focus of Americans is understandably on the health and safety of our families and friends
  5. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, when events, businesses, and public gatherings have been closed or cancelled, the administration is pushing forward with not only oil and gas lease sales and public comment periods, but rulemakings and policy decisions as well
  6. Oil and gas lease sales, open public comment periods, and rule and policy decisions should be halted until a time when this public health crisis has ended

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