Bylaws of the Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks, Inc.
(Formerly: Coalition of National Park Service Retirees, Inc.)

Ratified May 25, 2006; Amended February 16, 2016

Article I – Name and Location of the Organization

The name of the organization is the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees, hereinafter referred to as “The Coalition.”  The organization shall have and continuously maintain a registered address and registered agent within the State of Arizona.

Article II – Purpose of the Organization

The principal purpose of the Coalition is to inform and educate the public, the media, non- governmental organizations, elected officials and governmental agencies about issues related to the National Park System and National Park Service.  In pursuit of its vision for the National Park Service, the Coalition studies, speaks, and acts for preservation and protection of America’s national park areas and for their enjoyment in ways that preserve their resources unimpaired and that shares and perpetuates their time-honored values for the benefit of this and all generations.

Article III – Membership

Section 1 – Eligibility

Membership in the Coalition is open to anyone who held a salaried position with the National Park Service at any time and who subscribes to and supports the purposes and objectives of the organization.

Section 2 – Dues

Dues may be prescribed by resolution of the Executive Council, and, after such prescription, shall be paid by all members.  The Council may on a case-by-case basis forgive or defer a dues payment of any member.

Section 3 – Resignations

Any member may resign from the Coalition by formal notice to the Executive Council Chair or Membership Coordinator.  No part of any payment or contribution shall be refundable by reason of resignation.

Section 4 – Removal

The Executive Council may establish and implement reasonable rules governing termination of membership for cause.  No part of any payment or contribution shall be refundable by reason of removal.

Section 5 – Coalition Supporters

This category includes individuals, organizations, or companies that want to support the Coalition but do not qualify as members because they have never worked for the National Park Service.  Supporters will encourage the Coalition in its efforts to protect national parks and programs by providing financial support in the form of cash or in-kind services that meet the levels as approved by the Executive Council.

Article IV – Governance

Section 1 – Foundation

The strength of the Coalition is based on the commitment, experience, expertise and integrity of its members.  Coalition members may be asked to represent the Coalition with the Congress, other organizations, the media, the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior as may be required.

Section 2 – Executive Council

The Executive Council, hereinafter referred to as “Council,” is the principal body of governance of the entire organization.  The Council shall consist of no fewer than seven members and include any duly elected or appointed members.  A Chair selected by the members of the Council will provide leadership for the Coalition’s activities.  A Vice-Chair selected by the members of the Council will assist the Chair in providing leadership for the Coalition’s activities.  A Treasurer selected by the members of the Council will provide financial management and fiscal accountability for the Coalition’s activities.  An Executive Director, with or without full voting privileges, may be appointed or hired by the Council to provide for day-to-day operation of the Coalition’s activities.  The Council will provide oversight to the organization’s work assuring that decisions and actions are effective, efficient and in concert with the mission, guiding principles and broader interests of the organization and its members.

Section 3 – Officers

In addition to the Executive Council Chair, Vice-Chair and the Treasurer, the Coalition shall have such officers as the Council may from time to time establish and authorize.  Officers so established shall be elected by a majority of the Executive Council.

Section 4 – Committees

The Council has established five permanent standing committees:  Issues, Membership, Fundraising, Finance, and Communications.   Further, the Council may establish and empower additional standing and/or ad hoc committees to assist the Council in its work.  The Chair of the EC may establish temporary committees, not to exceed one year in duration and appoint members thereto.

Section 5 – Agreements and Contracts

The Council may enter into agreements or contracts with outside entities to provide needed services not otherwise available within the organization.  These may include, but are not limited to, such entities as media consultants, tax preparation providers, and web site coordinators.

Section 6 – Decisions

A simple majority of the Executive Council shall comprise a quorum.  Decisions of the Council shall be determined by a simple majority of those members comprising the quorum.

Section 7 – Direction and Focus

Direction and focus are carried out in accordance with a current Strategic Plan that identifies key issues to work on, through effective communication with the membership, and through efforts to broaden the work of the Coalition through its members.

Section 8 – Concurrence

The Executive Council will assume that it has the concurrence of the general membership on broad communications and contacts with the media, governmental agencies and other organizations.  Where correspondence is portrayed to include signatures of all individual members, the Coalition will circulate the draft to the general membership prior to transmitting the letter allowing those who do not wish to be signatories to have their names removed.

Section 9 – Executive Council Meetings

The Executive Council shall meet face-to-face at least once annually.  Other business may take place through conference calls or other means to limit expenditures.

Section 10 – Report To Membership

The Council will report from time-to-time to the general membership on issues and activities and will welcome advice, input and assistance from members.

Article V – Executive Council Positions

Section 1 – General Elections of Executive Council

Any member can nominate a candidate for the Executive Council.   Council members will then vote on the proposed candidates based upon skills needed, number of vacancies, and other criteria.   Additional positions may be filled by appointment by the Executive Council for terms to be specified.

Council members serve staggered three-year terms to insure continuity.  Members may only serve two consecutive terms.

Section 2 – Vacancies

Any vacancy of an elected member occurring in the Executive Council shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Council members for the remainder of the term of the departing member only.

Article VI – Finances

Section 1 – Resources

Financial support for the Coalition is derived from dues, donations and fundraising activities deemed appropriate by the Executive Council.   Members of the Executive Council are expected to make annual donations or, if unable to do so, secure a donation on their behalf from someone else.

Section 2 – Accountability

Records of Coalition finances are kept current by the Council Chair, his/her designee, or the appropriate officer and are available upon request from any current member, grantor, contractor or appropriate governmental authority.

Financial reconciliations are presented to the entire Executive Council on a semi-annual basis.

Section 3 – Expenses of Executive Council and Members

Members of the Executive Council and general members may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in carrying out the goals of the Coalition.

Article VII – Limitations

No part of the earnings or assets of the organization shall inure to the benefit of any member or individual.  The Coalition shall not participate in any way in political campaigns on behalf of any candidate for public office, nor shall any substantial part of the activities of the organization be directed to influencing legislation except in accordance with the organizations purpose and goals to educate and inform and never in a way that would jeopardize its non-profit status.

Article VIII – Distribution of Assets and Dissolution

In the event of termination, dissolution, or winding up of the affairs of the Coalition, the Council shall, after paying or making provision for payment of all of the liabilities of the organization, dispose of all remaining assets to organizations operated for charitable or educational purposes under Section 501 (C) (3) and any corresponding provisions of the United States Revenue Code.

Article IX – Amendment of Bylaws

Bylaws must be ratified by unanimous consent of the Executive Council.  Bylaws may then be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Council.