Albright Training Center Graduating Class of 1970
Albright Training Center – 1970

In honor of the Centennial of the National Park Service in 2016, we highlighted some employees who have made significant contributions to the Service in any number of ways.

Select a Centennial Biography from the list below and enjoy reading.

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  1. Rob Arnberger
  2. Lawrence E. (Larry) Aten
  3. Herma A. Baggley
  4. Gerard Baker
  5. Robert D. “Bob” Barbee
  6. Penelope Hartshorne Batcheler
  7. Edwin Cole Bearss
  8. Jayne Belnap
  9. Jerry Belson
  10. Marcia Blaszak
  11. Jack Boucher
  12. Ferdinand J. Castillo
  13. Robert S. (Bob) Chandler
  14. Ernest Allen Connally
  15. Richard (Rick) Cook
  16. Caleb “Cal” Cooper
  17. John Christiano
  18. Russell “Russ” E. Dickenson
  19. William Ehorn
  20. Fred J. Fagergren
  21. Kate Roney Faulkner
  22. Michael V. Finley
  23. Maureen Finnerty
  24. Richard “Rick” Gale
  25. Denis P. “Deny” Galvin
  26. Lemuel “Lon” Garrison
  27. Laura Soulliere Gates
  28. John M. Good
  29. Grover C. Green
  30. Bill Halainen
  31. J. C. (Pinky) Harrington
  32. D. Scott Hartwig
  33. Helen C. Hartzog
  34. Claire Marie Hodges
  35. Benjamin C. Howland
  36. Tim A. Hudson
  37. Andy Hutchison
  38. John M. Kauffmann
  39. Ronal C. (Ron) Kerbo
  40. Russell “Russ” V. Keune
  41. Frank Kowski
  42. Imogene La Covey
  43. Ronald F. Lee
  44. Ralph H. Lewis
  45. Mary Martin
  46. Jerry Mernin
  47. Abigail (Abby) Miller
  48. Hugh C. Miller
  49. Robert C. (Rob) Milne
  50. Lorraine Mintzmyer
  51. William J. Murtagh
  52. Brian O’Neill
  53. David J. “Dave” Parsons
  54. Charles E. Peterson
  55. Robert “Bob” Peterson
  56. Robert W. (Bob) Reynolds
  57. William B. Robertson, Jr.
  58. Jerry L. Rogers
  59. Christine L. Shaver
  60. Carol D. Shull
  61. Rick Smith
  62. Robert G. (Bob) Stanton
  63. Isabelle Florence Story
  64. Freeman Tilden
  65. Robert M. Utley
  66. John William “Bill” Wade
  67. George Melendez Wright
  68. Robert Sterling Yard
  69. Colonel Charles Young