The Coalition presents awards at appropriate times to draw attention to individuals who have made significant contributions to our goals. In addition to the honor of being nominated and selected for distinction by their peers in the Coalition, winners receive hand-carved wooden plaques made by Coalition member Rob Arnberger.

The 2022 George Hartzog Award

The George Hartzog Award is given to an individual who demonstrates outstanding support for the mission of the National Park Service. This year, the Coalition has selected Dr. Michael “Mike” Soukup as the recipient of this award. Mike served as the NPS Associate Director for Natural Resource Stewardship and Science. He has been a constant advocate for enhanced resource protection funding and support. Among his many achievements, Mike was responsible for the creation and implementation of the Natural Resource Challenge, a $100 million funding initiative that highlighted the protection of natural resources and professionalized the natural resource workforce. Mike continues to promote advanced natural resource learning for NPS employees, and we are proud to recognize his work with this award.



The 2022 1872 Award

The 1872 award is given to an individual for outstanding service and support for the mission of the Coalition. This year, the Coalition has selected Maria Burks as the recipient. Maria served as Vice Chair of the Executive Council, where she pulled from her deep knowledge of National Park Service operations to serve as the point of contact for several priority issues. Her dedicated, long-time participation in the every-day work of the Executive Council has assured its success over the years and has guaranteed that the Coalition remains respected as the Voice of Experience. Even after her time on the Executive Council, Maria has continued to help and support the staff and Executive Council members as a strong and vocal advocate. We are proud to recognize Maria with the 1872 award in honor of her service.

Finally, Certificates or Letters Of Appreciation may be awarded at any time by the Chair to recognize service to the Coalition.