The Coalition presents awards at appropriate times to draw attention to individuals who have made significant contributions to our goals. In addition to the honor of being nominated and selected for distinction by their peers in the Coalition, winners receive hand-carved wooden plaques made by Coalition member Rob Arnberger.

The George Hartzog Award


Dan Wenk
NPS photo by Neal Herbert

The George Hartzog Award is given to an individual who demonstrates outstanding support for the mission of the National Park Service or National Park System. This year, the Coalition has selected Dan Wenk as the winner of this award. In his long career with the NPS, Dan has worked in numerous parks and capacities. He retired in 2018 as the Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park. Dan has been considered the epitome of an effective modern park manager and has been an excellent role model for park managers to emulate. For more than 40 years, Dan Wenk has demonstrated outstanding leadership, integrity, and class in his support of the mission of the National Park Service. For these reasons, the Coalition is proud to award Dan with the 2018 George Hartzog Award.





1872 Award


Photo of Bill Halainen
Bill Halainen

The 1872 award is given to an individual for outstanding service and support for the mission of the Coalition. This year, we have selected Bill Halainen as the winner. Known as “Mr. Communication,” Bill worked for the NPS for over forty years. Though he retired from the NPS in 2007, he continued to edit both The Morning Report and Inside NPS as a contractor until 2015. Today, Bill devotes countless hours to compiling The Weekly Report for Coalition members, a roundup of news and events happening throughout the National Park System. Bill received the George Hartzog Award in 2014. We are now proud to recognize Bill with the 1872 Award in honor of his continued dedication to ensuring that past and current NPS employees are still connected to the news from parks across the country.




Finally, Certificates or Letters Of Appreciation may be awarded at any time by the Chair to recognize service to the Coalition.