The Coalition presents awards at appropriate times to draw attention to individuals who have made significant contributions to our goals. In addition to the honor of being nominated and selected for distinction by their peers in the Coalition, winners receive hand-carved wooden plaques made by Coalition member Rob Arnberger.

The 2020 George Hartzog Award

The George Hartzog Award is given to an individual who demonstrates outstanding support for the mission of the National Park Service or National Park System.

Dr. Dave Graber
Dr. Dave Graber

This year, the Coalition has selected Dr. David Graber as the recipient of this award. David retired in 2014 as Chief Scientist, NPS Pacific West Region. During his career he was instrumental in providing oversight and guidance on some of the most controversial science issues facing the agency. Among his other accomplishments, he was an early champion of the Natural Resources Challenge, provided scientific guidance to several endangered species recovery teams, and executed a groundbreaking study on black bear ecology and behavior. David embodied the importance of scientists and managers working together to protect resources. He was an advocate for science-based management within parks, emphasizing its importance to all levels of park management. Although he has been retired for 7 years, David’s work continues to have a profound and long-lasting effect on science throughout the NPS. The Coalition is proud to award David with the 2021 George Hartzog Award.



The 2020 1872 Award

The 1872 award is given to an individual for outstanding service and support for the mission of the Coalition.

Phil Francis

This year, the Coalition has selected Phil Francis as the recipient. Phil served two terms as the Chair of the Coalition’s Executive Council. While it is always a challenging job, Phil led the organization through a particularly tumultuous period for our National Park System. His role as the public face of the Coalition required handling a near-daily raft of high-pressure, time sensitive NPS issues; fielding requests from local, regional, and national news media for comment on those issues; and coordinating work on a variety of internal organizational concerns. And despite the challenges, the Coalition’s capacity and membership experienced remarkable growth under his leadership. Phil’s steady hand and calm, unflappable demeanor helped the entire team pull together and meet the challenges of this most unusual period, and we are proud to recognize Phil with the 1872 Award in honor of this exemplary service to the Coalition.

Finally, Certificates or Letters Of Appreciation may be awarded at any time by the Chair to recognize service to the Coalition.