The Coalition presents awards at appropriate times to draw attention to individuals who have made significant contributions to our goals. In addition to the honor of being nominated and selected for distinction by their peers in the Coalition, winners receive hand-carved wooden plaques made by Coalition member Rob Arnberger.

 The George Hartzog Award

The George Hartzog Award is given to the individual or individuals who demonstrate outstanding support for the mission of the National Park System and/or the National Park Service. Nominations are solicited from the general membership of the Coalition or the National Park Service with the recipient(s) selected by the Executive Council. This award is presented annually or at other times deemed appropriate by the Council.

The 2016 George Hartzog Award

Kurt Repanshek

This award is given annually by the Coalition to an individual who has made significant contributions to the National Park System and Service. This year we have selected Kurt Repanshek. Kurt is founder and CEO of the National Parks Traveler that has 1.6 million readers annually. Kurt has been a strong supporter of and advocate for the National Park system and has raised important issues and concerns about the management of the parks. His efforts have raised awareness of challenges facing our parks and have been an important component of the ongoing dialogue about preserving parks for future generations.

The 1872 Award

Maureen Finnerty

This award is given annually by the Coalition to an individual for their outstanding service and support for the mission of the Coalition.This year, we have selected, outgoing Executive Council Chair, Maureen Finnerty. Maureen has served on the Executive Council for the past twelve years, six of which, she served as Chair. Maureen has led a wide variety of advocacy for parks and the National Park System has remained a central focus of the Coalition. Efforts to influence decision-making that protect park values have included input to the courts of law, the court of public opinion, Congress, and other land management agencies.

Above all, Maureen has simply worked hard to assure that the Coalition grows stronger and reaches its’ full potential as an advocate for the National Park Service, parks, and park values. Phone calls are always returned quickly; e-mails are always answered quickly; and good judgment is invariably applied to decision-making. In essence, Maureen is the glue that connected the Executive Council and inspired our contributions throughout her service as Chair. She will be greatly missed in that role.

Finally, Certificates or Letters Of Appreciation may be awarded at any time by the Chair to recognize service to the Coalition.

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