Coalition Urges Improved Training on Ethics Standards

CPANP has weighed in on the ethics issues that are currently front and center for the NPS and has called for the agency to undertake far-reaching and detailed reforms to the system it uses to educate its own employees on how to work with donor and partner organizations to raise badly needed support for the nation’s national parks. Click “Read More” to read our recent press release.

Fee Increase by Administration Goes Too Far The Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks

The administration’s proposal for a massive fee increase in 17 national parks, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, Arches and Rocky Mountain, goes too far and may have major implications on park visitation and the economies of gateway communities. The fee increases are part of an effort to address the deferred maintenance backlog in the NPS, but the money raised will only cover a small percentage of the billions of dollars required. While creative solutions are required to solve this problem, the proposal as it stands does not adequately address it. Click “Read More” for more information.