Coalition’s Statement on Secretary Zinke’s Resignation

Secretary Zinke’s resignation is an opportunity for the current Administration to reconsider our country’s priorities for use of our public lands. Coalition Chair Phil Francis says, “I’m hopeful that Secretary Zinke’s departure marks a new chapter in the story of America’s parks and public lands. During his time as Secretary, our national parks faced unprecedented threats and suffered from a clear lack of support. Now, the current administration must seize this opportunity to appoint a leader who will listen to the needs of those on the ground, work in partnership with the stewards of our public lands, and passionately advocate for the protection of our national parks.” Click “Read More” to read our full statement.

BLM’s Proposed Plan Fails to Protect Downsized Grand Staircase-Escalante

Over 20 years after Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument was established to conserve the area’s diverse resources, President Trump issued a proclamation that cut the monument’s size by half. Now the Bureau of Land Management proposes to manage the reduced monument as a typical “multiple use” area. Click “Read More” to see the joint comment letter submitted to BLM by the Coalition and NPCA.

CPANP Urges Congress to Suspend Action on H.R. 6687

The Coalition has sent a letter to Senators Murkowski and Cantwell to urge suspension of further action on H.R. 6687, a bill that would circumvent established processes and mandate that the National Park Service issue long-term leases to continue commercial cattle ranching operations in Point Reyes National Seashore and the northern portion of Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

BLM Proposal Would Shortchange Bears Ears NM Again

Less than a year after President Trump reduced the size of Bear Ears National Monument by 85%, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposes to manage the surviving area under the agency’s hackneyed “multiple-use” strategy, which would leave monument and neighboring national park resources vulnerable to a variety of adverse impacts. To see our joint comment letter with the National Parks Conservation Association, click “Read More.”

NPS EA for Proposed Alaska Hunting Rule Change is Deeply Flawed

A National Park Service environmental assessment (EA) fundamentally fails to take a hard look at the potential impacts of a proposed rule change that would open Alaska’s national preserves to a variety of controversial and unsportsmanlike hunting practices that target predator species. Click “Read More” to see the Coalition’s comments on the EA.

The LWCF Must Be Reauthorized Without Further Delay

Congress’ failure to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) will have long-reaching and devastating impacts for communities across the United States. The LWCF has been our nation’s primary source for preserving nationally significant public lands and providing recreational opportunities in local communities throughout the country for over 50 years. The Coalition urges Congress to fully fund and permanently reauthorize the LWCF without delay.

Coalition Condemns Cynical Proposal to Repeal NPS Alaska Hunting Regulations

At the direction of the Interior Department, the National Park Service has issued a proposed rule that would open Alaska’s national preserves to controversial and unsportsmanlike hunting practices such as: killing black bear cubs and sows with cubs at den sites; shooting brown bears at bait stations; and killing wolves with pups during the denning season. Click “Read More” to see the Coalition’s comments on the proposed rule.

Coalition Voices “Process” Concerns About Proposed NPS Repeal of Alaska Hunting Regulations

In May 2018, the National Park Service (NPS) published a proposed rule that would repeal a 2015 regulation that prohibits a number of controversial hunting and trapping methods from occurring on National Preserves in Alaska. Despite the high level of public opposition to the proposed repeal, NPS has yet to release a NEPA analysis of its impacts. Click “Read More” to see the Coalition’s letter to the NPS.