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“The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is incredibly effective at saving plants, animals, and insects, from extinction. And it has widespread public support from the American people. Despite its success and popularity, the Trump administration has weakened the act and put countless species in danger of extinction.

This administration continues to disregard the importance of sound science and monetize the value of our resources. They continue to ignore the impacts of climate change and prioritize the economic costs of protection. Oil and gas drilling, and industry now have a clear path to build in critical habitats that are home to some of our most endangered species.

Our world is struggling with a climate crisis and instead of taking steps to protect our planet, the Trump administration implements policies and procedures that place our natural and cultural resources at risk. It is prioritizing the interests of lobbyists and big industry over the wishes and interests of the American people.”

  • Phil Francis, Chair, Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks


The Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks is a reliable, respected, and effective advocate for achievement of the mission and goals of the National Park Service. Recognized as the Voices of Experience, CPANP studies, educates, speaks, and acts for the preservation and protection of the National Park System, and mission-related programs of the National Park Service. CPANP represents over 1,700 current, former, and retired employees and volunteers of the National Park Service, with over 40,000 collective years of stewardship of America’s most precious natural and cultural resources. More information can be found at