To: The Honorable John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

The Honorable Ali Zaidi, Assistant to the President & National Climate Advisor
The Honorable John Podesta, Senior Advisor to the President for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation
The Honorable Tom Vilsack, United States Secretary of Agriculture
The Honorable Deb Haaland, United States Secretary of the Interior

Re: Mature Forests Must be Protected as a Climate Solution

Date: November 3rd, 2022

Dear Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry,

We strongly support the Biden Administration’s commitments to the Paris agreement, and especially to the agreement’s emphasis on conserving forest carbon sinks. One of the most cost-effective and essential near-term climate solutions the United States can deploy to conserve and expand these sinks is to establish durable protections for mature forests and trees on federal lands from the threat of logging. President Biden clearly recognized this need when he announced Executive Order 14072 to protect mature and old-growth forests, both foreign and domestic. Now, as the U.S. delegation travels to Egypt to lead the world on climate action, it is time to ensure this potential is fully realized.

Conserving mature and old-growth forests and trees as a climate strategy represents a win-win opportunity. No human-made technology can match these forests for their ability to remove and store climate destroying carbon pollution from the atmosphere. Logging them rapidly releases much of that stored carbon whereas conserving them preserves that stored carbon and ongoing sequestration abilities. Conservation also provides a host of co-benefits. It helps buffer key ecosystems from continued biodiversity loss, it will protect critical drinking watersheds for communities across the country, and it will allow for continued quality outdoor recreation experiences for all Americans.

If the United States wants to be a credible leader on global forest conservation and deliver on its commitments to halt forest destruction made last year in Glasgow, Scotland, we need to take urgent action to protect the most climate-critical forests at home. This means a durable, bright-line rule on future administrations that protects mature and old-growth forests and trees on federal lands from logging.

With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the influx of federal funds towards new and innovative climate action, it is essential that we invest in natural climate solutions alongside technological ones. The IRA included billions of dollars for forest management, on top of the billions allocated by last year’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. A regulation protecting mature forests and trees from logging is necessary to safeguard these essential natural resources and reduce the potential for conflict and controversy as this funding is implemented.

Thank you for your continued climate leadership and emphasis on using nature to combat the climate and biodiversity crises.


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