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Coalition Issues Statement on President Trump’s Speech on the Environment


Release Date: July 8, 2019

“President Trump’s speech today embodies the saying that ‘everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts.’ Despite his words to the contrary, this administration has consistently supported policies, and taken actions, that are harmful to our national parks and public lands.

The Trump administration has ignored sound science and dismissed the idea of climate change. It has been supportive of oil and gas extraction that puts our natural resources at risk. President Trump has committed to remove the US from the Paris Climate Agreement, and climate emissions are not on track to reach the limits needed to protect against harmful global warming.

The President’s promise to restore the levels of coal use for power generation will have a huge impact on Class I air quality areas, adversely affecting park resources and reducing visibility around the parks. Reversing the gains and rescinding rules that have successfully reduced air emissions over the past 20 years will likely increase the number of unhealthy days harming the public health of park visitors and park rangers. Just because the air quality has improved in some areas of the country does not mean it’s clean. And this administration wants to cut air monitoring efforts, which are key in tracking progress and changes to our air and water.

President Trump’s recent Salute to America Celebration robbed the National Park Service of 2.5 million dollars that should be going to support and improve the experience that Americans have in visiting our National Parks. And the President’s proposed FY2020 budget, which includes a whopping 14.9% cut to the NPS budget, represents an enormous threat to the protection and preservation of our national parks and public lands.

The President’s past actions and words stand in stark contrast with his speech today. This administration has harmed our public lands and those charged with protection and preservation of our irreplaceable resources. His actions speak far louder than these empty words and political rhetoric.”


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