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April 26, 2018

Sue Masica, Regional Director
Intermountain Region, National Park Service
12795 Alameda Parkway
Denver, CO 80225

Subject: Proposed Rule on Motor Vehicle Use, Regulation Identifier Number (RIN) 1024-AD93

Dear Ms. Masica:

We, the undersigned, are former or current employees of the National Park Service (NPS) and active members of the Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks (Coalition). With over 1,500 members, the Coalition collectively represents more than 35,000 years of national park management experience. We have devoted our careers to serving the American people and protecting the integrity and resources of America’s National Park System. We are writing to express our grave concerns over certain aspects of the proposed rule for off-road vehicle (ORV) management at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (GLCA).

Many of our members have worked in parks that allow properly managed ORV use. We are well aware that GLCA has been out-of-compliance for many years with various ORV management requirements, including: Executive Order 11644, as amended by Executive Order 11989; and 36 CFR § 4.10 (b); and more recently NPS Management Policies 2006, § Motorized Off-road Vehicle Use, which states, in part. “In accordance with the executive order, they [ORVs] may be allowed only in locations where there will be no adverse impacts (emphasis added) on the area’s natural, cultural, scenic, and esthetic values, and in consideration of other existing or proposed recreational use.”

We are also aware that NPS is required under the terms of a 2008 settlement agreement (Bluewater Network Division, et al. v. United States Department of the Interior, et al. Case 1:05-cv-02302-RCL) to prepare an ORV management plan and special regulation at GLCA, as well as at a number of other parks. For the most part, the other parks have prepared the required planning documents, and have implemented appropriate management controls that limit or reduce the extent of ORV access, reduce impacts, and improve operator and equipment safety requirements.

In contrast to the ORV management decisions made at other parks, the GLCA rule would significantly increase the kind, amount, and extent of motor vehicle use, particularly in remote portions of GLCA, by allowing non-street legal OHVs to use over 200 miles of park roads (the unpaved GMP roads). In effect, NPS is proposing to manage much of the park’s extensive system of roads as de facto ORV routes. We believe that such a policy is in contradiction to applicable executive orders, NPS regulations, and NPS management policies. In our view, the primary objective of any ORV management plan and special regulation should be to improve management and reduce impacts of ORV use. The goal should NOT be to make ORV use more pervasive and impactful, which would clearly be the outcome should the Plan for GLCA be implemented as proposed.

Please understand that we are not objecting to establishment of properly designated ORV routes; nor are we expressing concern about allowing street-legal ATVs to use park roads at GLCA. Rather, our primary concern is that NPS proposes to allow non-street legal vehicles to have widespread use of the park road network.

OHVs typically do NOT meet the same safety equipment requirements as street legal vehicles; and, in Utah which comprises a large portion of GLCA, OHVs can be operated by unlicensed and uninsured drivers. We are not aware of any other “ORV parks” that have opened large portions of their park road systems to vehicles that are NOT street-legal. We believe the GLCA proposal is an inappropriate use that will set a bad precedent for the rest of the National Park System.

In closing, we urge you to reconsider this ill-advised provision in the proposed rule. Non-street legal OHVs should be prohibited on all park roads at GLCA!

Thank you very much for your consideration.


The Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks Executive Council:

Phillip A. Francis, Chair
Douglas K. Morris, Vice Chair
Michael B. Murray
Richard Ring
Maria Burks
Brenda Barrett
Don Hellmann
Rebecca Harriett
Bob Mackreth
Sheridan Steele
Mark Butler
David Graber

Members of the Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks:

Amy Gilbert
Andrew T. Ringgold
Anne C. Cully
Anthony J. O'Sickey
B. William Henry
Barbara J. ("B.J.") Griffin
Bill Jackson
Bill Pierce
Brian R Adams
Bruce Douglas McKeeman
Carl S. Christensen
Carol J Spears
Carol T. Linnig
Carolyn L. Knoll
Cathleen J.Cook
Charles B Voll
Charles McCurdy
Cheryl Houghtelin
Chris Seymour
Christina R. Mills
Clifford F. Chetwin
Clyde Stonaker
Colin "Toby" Hastie
Cordell J. Roy
Courtney Hotchkiss
Craig C. Axtell
Cynthia M. Holda
D. Scott Hartwig
Dan E. Huff
Dan Moses
Daniel J. Jenner
Daniel K. Horner
Dave Lattimore
David A. Clary
David C. Hartman
David Donohue
David H. Wallace
David N. Given
Dawn Foy
Debra E. Levie.
Dee Renee Ericks
Delora M. Loope
Denis P. Galvin
Dennis Burnett
Denny Huffman
Deryl B Stone
Don D. Bachman
Donald Barry
Donald E Magee
Douglas De Nio
Dr. Harold P. Danz
E. Peter Walzer
E. Scott Kalbach
Edward Pontbriand
Elisabeth Warthin Chadwick
Elizabeth Janes
Elizabeth K. Murray
Elizabeth Snyder
Emilee Martell
Erik R. Hauge
Frances Norton
Fred J Fagergren
Gail C. Menard
Gary G. Brandow
Gary William Johnson
Gene Casey
George Alderson
George Buckingham
George H. Bowen
Ginny Rousseau
Glenn Sherrill
Gretchen Luxenberg
Helen Sullinger
Henry Dustin McHenry
J. Mel Poole
J. W. Wade
James C Roach
James C. Redford Jr.
James Pepper
Jane C Anderson
Janet c wolf
Janet Holladay Wood
Janis Kozlowski
Jared cohen
Jeff Ohlfs
Jerry A. Eubanks
Jerry Freilich
Jerry Yarbrough
Jervis D Swannack
Joe Collins
John E. Hunter
John Freemuth
John Howard
John J Reynolds
John K. Apel
John L. Chew, Jr.
John Richard Erisman
John W Ford
Jon Paynter
Joseph H. Finan
Joseph Lee Boyle
Joshua Montanari
Joy Jamison
Kate Roney Faulkner
Katherine C. Ziegenfus
Kathryn S. Brett
Kathryn Thomas
Ken Kehrer, Jr.
Ken Phillips
Kenneth E. Apschnikat
Kim E. Sikoryak
Kim Watson
Larry L. Hakel
Larry W. Frederick
Larry Walling
Laura M. Rotegard
Len McKenzie
Leslie Starr Hart
Linda Finn
Louise D. Hose
Lynn D. Jamison
Mark D. Flora
Mark J Kellehet
Mary Ann Richards
Mary D. Partsch
Mary E. Elms
Maureen Finnerty
Meg Weesner
Michael K. Johnson
Michael Stephen Piraino
Nancy A. Nelson
Nelson (Si) Siler
Nicholas J Eason
Norm H Simons
Nova Clarke
Oron L. Bass, Jr
Patrick Richard Vigil
Paul B. Cole III
Paul Henderson
Peter James Fitzpatrick
Philip Heckman
Philip R. Brueck
Rev. William R. Morris
Richard D. Knowlen
Richard E Wells
Richard L. Ernenwein
Richard M. Bryant
Rick Jones
Rick Lee Mossman
Rick Smith
Robbyn Jackson
Robert Burns
Robert E. Stinson
Robert Joseph Abrell
Robert Lippman
Robert Yearout
Roberta Barrows
Roger A. Rudolph
Roger Moder
Ronald G. Thoman
Russ Ludwick
Sam Weddle
Sandra Hamilton
Scott e Tilley
Scott R Sticha
Sharon Paris
Sherry V. Justus
Shirley M. Clark
Steve Harrison
Steve Pittleman
Steven R Gazzano
Stuart L.Croll
Terry W Savage
Thomas Smith
Timothy Harvey
Timothy J. Oliverius
Tom Haraden
Vito Spinale
W. Philip Koepp
Wayne T. Jipsen
Wendy S Artz
William C. Walters
William D Rice
William David O'Donnell
William F. Loftus, Ph.D.
William F. Paleck
William Gibson
William H DeBerry
William J Briggs
William J Carroll
William Loftus
William Reid
William Sanders
Christine M. Nelson
James Donald Hankins
Peter Reinhardt
Sarah C. Danner