2017 CPANP Letterhead

In August 2017, three Coalition members participated in a telepresser with members of the press focused on oil & gas development around national parks.

This call was held to urge Secretary Zinke, DOI and BLM not to lease lands next to any national monuments or national parks, and instead ensure that the lands around our national parks and monuments are protected and developed responsibly.

This comes at a pressing time, as on September 24th all agencies will be providing a finalized report to the White House that identifies what existing rules and policies, which could include important protections for our land and water, should be eliminated in order to further President Trump’s Energy Independence Executive Order. The decisions released on the 24th will directly impact the future of our national parks, national monuments, and their surrounding communities.

Please listen to the audio by clicking the link below:

Listen to the Telepresser Audio