America’s national parks protect treasured landscapes, stories, and

Oil and gas development near our national parks threatens the continued protection and preservation of these special places.

Oil and gas development on the doorstep of national parks across
the country can cause negative impacts, such as…

…harm to park resources, contaminated water, polluted air,
destroyed wildlife habitat, threatened public health, degraded visitor experience, and fueling climate change,

which ultimately harms local communities and economies and leaves
taxpayers to pick up the tab for cleaning up oil and gas companies’ messes

While federal oil and gas leasing has slowed, it has not completely stopped.

Last year, the Department of the Interior leased thousands of acres of public lands to the oil and gas industry and is proposing to lease thousands more in 2023… but the current leasing system is broken and outdated.

The Biden administration and Congress must take action to curb the adverse effects of energy extraction on parks, surrounding landscapes, gateway communities, park visitors, and national park resources.

Take a deeper look at the impacts in the the latest report from the Coalition to Protect America’s National, Action Needed to Protect National Parks from Oil and Gas Development.

Join us in urging the Biden administration and Congress to protect our parks, local communities, and public lands from the harmful impacts of oil and gas development.