Let’s Dive into the New BLM Oil & Gas Rule!

Did you know? The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is improving how we manage oil and gas leasing on federal public lands! This means a BIG win for public lands.


Gone are several decades-old rules that favored oil and gas interests.


This rule requires BLM to consider giving preference to numerous other factors when considering lands available for lease – such as the presence of historic properties or recreation opportunities – ensuring that our lands are managed for everyone’s benefit!


This ‘Leasing Criteria,’ creates room for more thoughtful decisions, reducing conflicts, and helping to protect our cultural and natural resources.

It’s all about finding the right balance for the future of our public lands.

In addition, the rule outlines new reforms that will help ensure oil and gas companies pay their fair share for cleanup from oil and gas development, so taxpayers like you will not be left with the bill.

Plus, by making sure companies pay to clean up any mess they make, we’re safeguarding our future from potential hazards. A step towards a cleaner, more responsible energy future!

Most importantly, under this rule, your opinion counts more than ever, with guaranteed public comment periods ensuring that community voices lead the way in land management decisions. Keeping America’s lands for all, by all.

This rule is a step towards sustainable use of our public lands, ensuring they remain places of wonder and joy for generations.

We applaud the Biden administration for taking necessary action to help safeguard our national parks, public lands, and surrounding landscapes from irresponsible oil and gas development.

And we hope this will help to steer leasing away from nearby national parks and better protect treasured resources on our public lands!