Without question, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I am grateful to live in a nation that has committed itself to pausing and collectively sharing gratitude for all that we have been given.

As my children grow and their schedules fill with school, clubs, sports, and friends, finding precious family time becomes a greater challenge. I will forever be grateful for the adventures and treasured moments we have shared in our national parks. Some of our favorite trips have included the opportunity to marvel among the Giant Sequoias, be mesmerized by the cliffs of Pacific Ocean at Cabrillo, and traverse the Great Smoky Mountains. Since they were toddlers, our community has afforded us countless opportunities to explore the outdoors, with Rock Creek Park a short walk from home. As they’ve grown, we continue to develop an understanding and appreciation of our shared history and better understand great American leaders through the memorials and monuments throughout Washington, D.C.

We are thankful to the thousands of members of this Coalition who have made service to the national parks a cornerstone of their careers and continue to offer their time and knowledge to current leaders and policy makers to ensure our parks endure for generations to come.

Happy Thanksgiving.