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Today, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet reintroduced two bills to tackle the growing orphaned oil well crisis in the short and long term while restoring robust public participation for decisions about whether public lands should be leased for drilling. Underlying these crises is the outdated federal oil and gas leasing system, which for decades has failed to protect communities, public lands, and national parks.
Following the reintroduction of Senator Bennet’s bills, Coalition Chair Phil Francis issued the following statement.:

“More and more people are undertaking travel this summer, eager to enjoy our national parks after nearly two years of staying close to home. It is clear that Americans across the country love our national parks, public lands, and the great outdoors; and these treasured places must be preserved and protected. Senator Bennet’s bills will bring badly needed reforms to our current oil and gas leasing system, prioritizing public input and ensuring that oil and gas companies clean up after themselves and treat our parks and lands with respect.”