Entry Tickets For National Parks Going Fast
By Stephanie Serrano, Mountain West News Bureau

If you want to visit Glacier National Park, starting Memorial Weekend you’ll need a ticket to drive through the most popular entrance, but there’s a problem.

“The tickets are selling out very quickly,” said Gina Kerzman, a spokesperson for Glacier National Park.

Tickets for June have already been snatched up, but more may become available. Other national parks from Zion to Rocky Mountain are implementing a similar system.

Phil Francis is the chairman for the nonprofit Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks. He said it’s a good thing to manage visitation for parks across the Mountain West, especially during the pandemic.

“It’s a better chance that people can maintain their social distance following the CDC guidelines. It provides for [a] better visitor experience,” Francis said.

While some parks saw a dip in visitation in 2020, Francis said he expects more people to get out to parks this year, now that the COVID-19 vaccine is available.