The Restoration Project has produced a tactical plan previously shared with the Biden transition team and now made public. The Restoration Project: Reversing the Environmental Harms of the Trump Administration is available at You can also read an accompanying op-ed in the Guardian.

The project was led by Jon Jarvis (former National Park Service Director under President Obama and a member of the Coalition) and Dr. Gary Machlis (former Science Advisor to the Director). The team included diverse and experienced environmental leaders with government, NGO, private sector, and academic backgrounds. Supported by a grant from the California Resources Legacy Fund, they convened over several months to create a carefully researched, curated, and prioritized list of the top 100 immediate and important actions that can be achieved by executive order, administrative action, regulation or policy to reverse the environmental harms done by the Trump administration.

Using data from reliable sources and augmented with detailed research of the background and necessary restorative actions, each harm was prioritized by the Restoration Project team of experts based on its urgency, impact, scope, strategic benefit, and ease of action. For each harm, a description of the specific actions that can reverse the harm was developed. The list includes high-priority actions that can be achieved during the first 100 days of the Biden administration.

The Restoration Project highlights specific examples of the restorative actions within six key themes:

      • Confronting and collaborating on climate change,
      • Achieving environmental justice for all,
      • Building sustainable economic prosperity,
      • Restoring stewardship of America’s parks and public lands and waters,
      • Advancing science for the public good, and
      • Restoring the effectiveness of federal agencies.

The Restoration Project report concludes: “Executing the recommendations of the Restoration Project will signal a renewed conservation and environmental commitment and demonstrate effective action by a new and determined American leadership.”