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February 12, 2018

Statement from CPANP Chair Phil Francis on Trump’s FY 19 Budget and Infrastructure Plan

“Our national parks face real and significant challenges that threaten the integrity of the national park system. If the President and his Administration sincerely want to address these challenges, they must start by adequately funding them and developing policies that support the mission of the National Park Service. Moreover, increased funding for parks must not come at the expense of other public lands and waters that would be irreversibly damaged if the Administration’s budget and infrastructure plan come to fruition. The national parks need more funding, but there is much more this Administration must do to reverse the destruction it has wrought in only one year.

The Administration’s proposed reorganization is not the best use of limited funds nor are efforts to circumvent the National Environmental Policy Act which has not only served to protect our national parks for future generations but also our country as a whole. We must protect our country’s history embodied in the park system by finally adequately funding the National Park Service’s deferred maintenance program. And we must support the men and women who work for the National Park Service by giving them the resources to do their jobs and continue their proud history of serving the millions of park visitors who enjoy our parks each year. Funding our parks is not only the right thing to do, it is also a smart thing to do. It’s an investment in our economy and future generations.”