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Utah Parks Deserve Clean Air Too

The Coalition has joined numerous other groups in opposing current Congressional Review Act resolutions that would repeal the Utah Regional Haze Rule, an Obama-era EPA regulation aimed at improving the air quality in some of our nation’s most iconic national parks. Click “Read More” to see the text of our letter.

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Protect Clean Air in National Parks

As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) works toward finalizing a long overdue revision of the Regional Haze Rule, the Coalition and its members continue to advocate for improving air quality and protecting visibility in national parks. Click “Read More” to see Coalition member Chris Shaver’s letter to the editor regarding EPA’s proposed revision to this important air quality regulation.

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Coalition Comments on Proposed Regional Haze Rule Amendments

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is revising the Regional Haze Rule, a regulation intended to protect visibility in federally designated Class 1 areas – areas that include 48 national parks. While the proposed rule offers improvements over the current regulation, some aspects of the proposal need to be stronger if the nation is ever going to achieve the Clean Air Act’s long-term goal of “natural visibility” in the Class 1 areas. Click “Read More” to see the Coalition’s comments to the EPA.

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Op-ed: Clean up power-plant emissions to preserve our parks’ vistas

A NPS Retiree Speaks Up – My earliest memories are of my mother, sitting with my siblings and myself at vista points in Zion or Bryce, where she encouraged us to listen to the sounds of silence — blowing winds, a bird’s call or a rock falling in the distance. She would point out how far we could see and how clear the air was. She often commented how the parks hadn’t changed much from when she was young and that was why national parks were established. She explained they were different from other protected areas because their purpose was to not only conserve the natural and cultural resources but to protect the natural processes as well.

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The Coalition Concerns About Language In Draft Legislation to Designate Colorado National Monument as National Park

A letter to The Honorable Mark Udall, Chairman, U.S. Senate Subcommittee on National Parks and The Honorable Scott Tipton, U.S. House of Representatives, expressing substantial concerns with the draft legislation redesignating Colorado National Monument as a “national park.” The draft legislation omits essential provisions that would assure preservation and enjoyment of the park’s resources and values, while including other provisions that would undermine long-term management and protection.

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