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The Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks has developed a series of professional papers that articulate the views and recommendations of subject-matter expert authors about the most significant issues facing the national park system today. Most of these reports are from 10-15 pages long and written for a general audience; all have a one-page executive summary. They articulate and explore complex issues and contain the positions and recommendations we hold as an organization of current and former National Park Service professionals. Among other purposes, these reports inform our advocacy, Congressional testimony, media releases, and other public education efforts.

  1. America’s Crown Jewels
  2. The National Park Centennial Commission
  3. The Centennial Institute
  4. Privatization
  5. The Future of Fees and Their Connection to Visitation
  6. Reasserting International Leadership
  7. Interpretive Renaissance
  8. Political Challenge
  9. It’s Not a Matter of Money
  10. Renewal of the Park Ranger Profession
  11. Climate Change
  12. Reassessing the Development Footprint in Our National Parks
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