• In 2016 we selected David Brooks and Molly Ross. As a congressional staff member for nearly 30 years, David Brooks has been responsible for shaping some of the most consequential national park and environmental legislation enacted by Congress. Over the past four years, Molly Ross, former special assistant to the Director of the NPS, prepared all the details, including research, public contact, drafting of the Secretary’s Memorandum to the President, and the Presidential Proclamation itself, for 15 new NPS National Monuments. Here is a letter from Molly Ross about receiving this award.
  • The 1872 Award – Janet McDonnell. This award is given annually by the Coalition to an individual for their outstanding service and support for the mission of the Coalition. We selected, former NPS historian and Coalition member, for her assistance in presenting our monthly Centennial biography series. In all, 70 biographies were completed.


  • Hartzog Award – George Minnucci.
    George Minnucci, Eastern National’s recently retired chief executive officer, was presented with the 2015 George Hartzog Award by Kevin Kissling, the new CEO of Eastern National, on behalf of The Coalition. Mr. Minnucci was presented the Hartzog Award for his over 4 decades of significant support of the servicewide NPS interpretive program.  Minnucci’s hands-on, personal approach was a critical in developing lasting relationships with the NPS that serve the parks and Eastern National now and into the future.
  • 1872 Award – Deny Galvin.
    Deny Galvin was presented with the 2015 CPANP 1872 Award by Maureen Finnerty for his dedicated, outstanding service and support for the mission and goals of the Coalition. Deny continues to counsel, guide and support the Coalition on numerous wide ranging issues of concern, helping us to protect our National Parks.


  • Hartzog Award – Bill Halainen. Retired but still a part-time contractor for the NPS, Bill has remained fully engaged in promoting and assisting the NPS throughout his NPS career. While working for NPS he was the Editor of The Morning Report from the 1980s until his retirement. During the course of his career, Bill was routinely called upon to provide information and assistance to a great many offices and people within the NPS organization and family. Additionally, Bill was instrumental in establishing the International Ranger Federation. His efforts were key to getting the organization launched. For his many years of patience, commitment, persistence and expertise, and for being “Mr. Communication” for the National Park Service, the Coalition is very proud to present the 2014, George Hartzog, Jr. Award.
  • Brian D. Winter – Brian has been the lead for the Elwha River restoration in Olympic National Park since 1985. First working for the Elwha Tribe, then for the National Park Service, Brian has been the primary point person for all aspects of the removal of Elwha and Glines Canyon Dams and associated restoration activities. Brian worked tirelessly with all stake holders, contractors, engineers, and biologists to continually move the project forward to completion.
  • 1872 Award – None


  • Hartzog Award – Charles R. “Butch” Farabee
    Since retiring from the National Park Service, Butch has continued to “stay involved” in the national park ranger profession. Butch has devoted a significant amount of time and other personal resources to researching and documenting the “administrative histories” of several ranger-related occupational techniques and practices now common in the National Park Service. These include the NPS “diving program” and the “special events and incident management programs.” In addition, he is researching and documenting the administrative history of the “ranger profession” in Yosemite National Park. These administrative histories are undertakings that would never have been high enough in priority to be done officially by the NPS, but the products will provide long-lasting historical documentation that will be useful to the NPS for decades to come.
  • 1872 Award – Bill Wade. Bill was one of three retirees that took the podium at the National Press Club in 2003 to protest Administration policies that were harmful to parks – namely, snowmobile use in Yellowstone.  That event was the genesis of the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees.  Since its inception, Bill has been the face of the Coalition, and been unrelenting in his efforts to make the organization grow and be successful.  He took a small, unorganized group of retirees,  and made them into an organized group with by-laws, 501(c)(3) status, and a major force in the discussion of national parks and park programs.  For many years he served as chair and chief administrator, he secured grants, helped establish a web site, secured a public relations firm, and watched the organization grow for a handful of retirees to 800 members. The Coalition would not exist today without the tireless efforts of Bill Wade.


  • Hartzog Award – Congressman Norm Dicks of Washington. Congressman Dicks served on the Interior appropriations subcommittee throughout his congressional service, including as its chair for four years.  In nearly four decades of service, Congressman Dicks was a stalwart supporter of the National Park Service. He led efforts for restoration of Everglades National Park and removal of the dams within Olympic National Park. His contributions are enduring and we are grateful for his vital support of the National Park System.
  • 1872 Award  – Jerry Rogers. Jerry received the award for his  tireless advocacy for the cultural resources contained within the National Park System and the programs outside the boundaries of our national park areas assigned by the Congress to the National Park Service. Jerry remains active in the preservation of our nation’s cultural resources.


  • Hartzog Award – Vincent Santucci, NPS, Washington DC for his significant contributions to conservation and interpretation of fossil resources in the National Park Service.
  • 1872 Award – Michael Finley, Medford, OR for his consistent support and counsel to the Coalition.


  • Hartzog Award – Shelton Johnson, Yosemite NP, CA for his significant contributions to interpretation and education in the National Park Service.
  • 1872 Award – Maria Abonnel, Cortland Manor, NY for her volunteer efforts to upgrade and maintain the Coalition website.


  • Hartzog Award – Loran Fraser, Washington DC for his leadership of the National Parks Second Century Commission.
  • 1872 Award (posthumously awarded) ‐ Art Allen, Asheville, NC for his development and ongoing management of the Parklands Update list serve (forum).


  •  Hartzog Award – Congressman Raul Grijalva (AZ) for his continuing support of conservation in the National Park System and leadership on the US House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands.
  • 1872 Award – Don Baur, Washington DC for his legal counsel and support of the Coalition during non‐ profit application efforts and guidance on issues of concern to the Coalition .


  • Hartzog Award – Richard Sellars, Santa Fe, NM, for authoring several books of significance to Natural and Cultural Resource Management in the National Park Service.
  •  1872 Award – None


  • Hartzog Award – None
  • 1872 Award – Kristen Brengel, The Wilderness Society, Washington DC for guidance and support on numerous issues of interest to the Coalition .


  • Hartzog Award – Randy Roberson, West Yellowstone, MT for advancing the use of snowcoach transportation in Yellowstone NP.
  • 1872 Award – Jon Catton, Bozeman, MT for numerous contributions to the Coalition related to organization and issue support.