260 Former and Current NPS Employees Sign Letter in Opposition of Trump’s Recent Executive Order


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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Honorable Ryan Zinke
U.S. Department of the Interior
1849 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20240

Dear Secretary Zinke:

As former employees of the National Park Service, we appreciate the support you have expressed for our National Park System in your first weeks at the helm of the Interior Department. Today we respectfully request that you help preserve and protect the National Park System, which as you know includes many of our country’s national monuments established by Presidents under the Antiquities Act.

The Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks has already announced its strong objection to Executive Order 13792 issued by President Trump on April 26, 2017, directing you to review Presidential designations and expansions of national monuments since January 1, 1996. The national monuments subject to review protect exceptional natural and cultural resources owned by the American people, and they have already undergone public review and received strong public support. These national monuments also help to tell the rich and diverse story of America, and are key components of the natural and cultural legacy that this generation protects for future generations.

The larger National Park Service monuments that you have listed for initial review, including Grand Canyon-Parashant, Craters of the Moon, and Katahdin Woods and Waters, help to protect nationally significant geology, wildlife and plants, human history, and other natural and cultural resources already determined by the National Park Service to merit inclusion in the National Park System. The Coalition is committed to assuring that these special places stay in the Park System intact, and firmly believes that the President lacks authority to remove them from the Park System. For these and more reasons, this national monument review is a poor use of time and money for everyone, especially when there are many important issues facing our national park units and other public lands.

In addition to the monuments managed by the National Park Service, the national monuments managed by other land management agencies must not be compromised or diminished. Given the short period provided for comment on Bears Ears National Monument, please know that the Coalition joins with many others who are extremely concerned about the Trump Administration’s apparent interest in removing protections for the remarkable landscape and features of this sacred treasure in southern Utah, with its awe-inspiring views of sandstone canyons, desert mesas, and meadow mountaintops. Believing that you value Native American history, the Coalition expects that you will appreciate deeply the extraordinary quantity and quality of Native American relics, cultural sites, and sacred burial grounds located there. These and other cultural resources, coupled with the monument’s exceptional natural resources, eliminate any question as to whether Bears Ears National Monument meets the requirements of the Antiquities Act.

President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act into law and used it to protect places large and small for future generations. He well understood that waiting for Congressional action could lead to exploitation of extraordinary resources for private gain and irreversible damage to special places that should be protected for all Americans. The Antiquities Act today remains an important tool for protecting resources of value to the entire nation.

Please work with President Trump and all interested parties, including Native Americans and so many others wishing to preserve these special places, to ensure that the national monuments managed by the National Park Service and other agencies are protected for current and future generations by leaving protections in place and allocating adequate resources to land managers on the ground to protect this incredible national legacy.

The Coalition is committed to protecting and preserving these special places. Now is not the time to retreat. As the National Park Service begins its second century, let’s instead work together to strengthen the long-term foundation of our national parks and public lands.


The Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks Executive Council:

Maureen Finnerty, Chair

Philip A. Francis, Jr., Vice Chair

Brenda Barrett

Maria Burks

Mark A. Butler

David M. Graber

Donald J. Hellmann

Douglas K. Morris

Michael B. Murray

Richard Ring

Sheridan Steele

Kate Stevenson

de Teel Patterson (Pat) Tiller


Allen Bohnert

Amy Gilbert

Andrew T. Ringgold

Anita Badertscher

Ann Childress

Ann Rasor

Anthony D Sisto

B. William Henry

Barbara (B.J.) Griffin

Bill Pierce

Bob Gerhard

Brian R Adms

Bruce D. McKeeman

Bruce Daniel Murphy

Bruce Dombrowski

Bruce Edmonston

Bruce W Bytnar

Caleb G. Cooper

Carl S. Christensen

Carolyn Knoll

Cary F Brown

Charles B Voll

Cherry Payne

Cheryl Houghtelin

Chris Seymour

Clair A. Roberts

Claude Allen Duke

Clyde Stonaker

Colin “Toby” Hastie

Connie Rudd

Courtney Hotchkiss

Craig C. Axtell

D. Scott Hartwig

D. Thomas Ross

Dale Antonich

Dan Moses

Daniel E Sealy

Daniel J Jacobs

Daniel J. Jenner

Daniel Pontbriand

Daniel Taylor

David A. Clary

David B Shaver

David Barna, NPS Chief Spokesman, 1995-2013

David C Hartman

David D. Thompson Jr.

David Forney

David H Wallace

David Hollenberg

David L. Haet

David N Given

David Nathanson

David Parsons

David R Lattimore

Debra E. Levie

Dee Renee Ericks

Delora M. Loope

Denis Davis

Denis M Osowski

Denis P. Galvin

Denise Newberry

Dennis Burnett

Denny Huffman

Diane Allen

Dick Falb Denver

Don Castleberry

Don D. Bachman

Donald A Falvey

Donald E. Mgee

Donna Williams, Carlisle PA

Douglas DeNio, P.E.

Dr. Harold P. Danz

Dr. John Lemons

Edward Bruce Patrovsky

Edward F. Clark III

Edward Peter Walzer

Edwin A. Hession

Elaine D Hall

Elizabeth K. Murray

Elvira Arnberger

Emily Thompson

Erik R. Hauge

Faye Walmsley

Frank P. Weed

Fred C Bolenske

G. Bryan Harry

Gary E. Davis

Gary T Cummins

Gene Casey

Gilbert E. and Karen E. Blinn

Gilbert Soper

Ginny Rousseau

Gordon Vincent Gay

H. Bryan Mitchell

Henry Clay Warren Jr.

J. Douglas Cuilllard

James A Ebert

James A. Caufield

James F. Martin

James I. McDaniel

James M. Brady

James Phillip Corless

James R. Zinck

James Redford

Jane C. Anderson

Jane Margaret Sundberg

Janet L. Wise

Jay P. Eickenhorst

Jeff Ohlfs

Jeffrey Dean Manley

Jerry Freilich

Jerry L. Rogers

Jervis D Swannack

Jim Poole

Joan Anzelmo

John E. Hunter

John F. Byrne

John H. (Jack) Ramsden

John K. Apel

John M Morris

John M. Morehead

John P. Bloom

John Richard Erisman

John T. Conoboy

John W. Howard

John W. Wade

Jon Boyce

Jon Buono, AIA

Jon Paynter

Joseph Aull

Joseph Lee Boyle

Joseph Sovcik

Karel JoAnn Evans

Katherine C. Ziegenfus

Kathy Tonnessen

Kathy Tustanowski

Kenneth E. Apschnikat

Kevin M. FitzGerald

Kim Watson

Larry Lee Hakel

Larry Thomas

Larry W. Frederick

Leonard C Emerson

Leslie Starr Hart

Linda A. Towle

Linda Finn

Lisa Sasser

Lloyd N. Chapman

Luke E. Dalton

Lynn D Jamison

Maria Abonnel

Mary D. Partsch

Mary G Martin

Mary Susan Hurst

Maryanne Gerbauckas

Matthew Ryan Mosher

Max Old Bear

Meredith Ann Belkov

Michael C. Warren

Michael K. Johnson

Michael L Holmes

Michael Sutton

Michael Tollefson

Michael Wurm

Monika Mayr

Nancy Deschu

Nancy Kay Russell

Nelson (Si) Siler

Nicholas J Eason

Nicholas Shelby Beheler

Norah Martinez

Norman D. Hellmers

Nova Clarke

Olav V Olsen

Oron L. Bass, Jr.

Pamela Underhill

Patricia E. Bentley

Patrick H. Reed

Paul F. Haertel

Peggy Dolinich

Peter K. Nigh

Philip A. Selleck

R. Chuck Young

Ramona J. Burks

Randy W Turner

Ray Herrmann

Richard Alesch

Richard C. Curry

Richard Cronenberger

Richard E. Wells

Richard J. Hanks

Richard L. Ernenwein

Richard Smith

Richard William Frost

Rick Jones

Rick L. Mossman

Riley McClelland

Robert Arnberger

Robert D. Higgins

Robert G. White

Robert Joseph Abrell

Robert L Peterson

Robert Reynolds

Roberta Barrows

Roger Jon Cleven

Ronald A. Wilson

Ronald G. Thoman

Ronald G. Warfield

Russell P. Smith

Sam Weddle

Sarah Peskin

Scott Sticha

Sean Smith

Sharon Paris

Sheridan Steele

Sherry Justus

Stephen R. Bruner

Steven Gazzano

Steven Harrison

Stuart L Croll

Sue Christensen

Terrence D. Moore

Terry Goodrich

Terry Savage

Thomas A. Smith

Thomas Arthur Cherry III

Thomas E Haraden

Thomas Griffiths

Thomas M. Lorig

Timothy J. Oliverius

Timothy Manns

Timothy Mark Harvey

Tom Wilson

Vaughn Baker

Warren E. Bielenberg

Warren Hill

Warren Lee Brown

Weidner Philip Koepp

William C Walters

William F. Loftus, Ph.D.

William Gibson

William J Carroll

William J. Halainen

William L. Huie

William O. Fink

William Sanders


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